This is Docket ZB 20-02 LMAC Hopeful 2022.

ZB 20-02 3-10-20 CME Review Letter

ZB 20-02 3-11-20 Statement of Variances – Gravatt

ZB 20-02 Elevations

ZB 20-02 List of Professionals and Consultants

ZB 20-02 Supporting Submittal Documents

ZB20-02 Application Form

ZB20-02 Checklist

ZB20-02_Variance Plot Plan_012420

Architectural s

ZB20-02 Exhibits BuySell Letters

ZB20-01 LMAC Hopefull 2022

ZB 20-01 3-10-20 CME Review letter

ZB 20-01 List of Professionals and ConsultantsZB 20-02 3-11-20 Statement of Variances – Gravatt

ZB20-01 Application Form

ZB20-01 Checklist

ZB20-01 Variance Plot Plan_012420

ZB20-01 Supporting Documents

ZB 20-01 Exhibits BuySell Letters

ZB 20-03 363 Bayshore LLC

ZB20-03 Application Forms

ZB20-03 Check List

ZB20-03 CME Review Letter

ZB20-03 Disclosure Documents

ZB20-03 Floor Plans

ZB20-03 Supporting Documents

ZB 20-03 Survey 361-363 Bay Shore

ZB 20-03 Variance Map amended thru 04152020

3D view of proposed dwelling.pdf

363 Bayshore pre and post sandy photos