Barnegat Twp.
Code Enforcement Officer – John Durasky

609-698-0080 Ext. 159


Refrigerators, air conditioners, tires and propane tanks require payment of a fee to the Township Clerk’s office. Placing items out for collection without an appointment or more than (12) hours prior to scheduled collection is a code violation subject to summons.

Garage Sale Signs. Posters & Notices on utility poles, light poles, street signs or trees are a violation of Barnegat Township’s Anti-Litter Ordinance and are subject to summons.

  • Your signs may be staked in the ground and must be removed within 48 hours after the sale.

If you are thinking of having a Garage/Yard Sale, don’t forget to get your permit from the Clerk’s Office.  Permits cost $5.00 for three consecutive days and residents are permitted to have four sales per year.

Rental Properties require a Certificate of Occupancy prior to every new tenant and must be registered with the Municipal Clerk, providing information for the person responsible for property maintenance. Units rented for less than thirty (30) days require a yearly C.O. Failure to file this information or keep it current will subject the property owner to summons.

Sale of House  – Letter of No Interest now required for resales.

Fences require a Zoning Permit. There is no setback requirement along the sides and rear lot lines, but they must be inside the property and have the finished (good) side facing adjoining properties. Along a street line they must be set back one (1′) foot from the property line.

Litter/Debris on external premises, including overflowing rubbish containers, is a code violation and subject to summons if not corrected upon notice.

Dogs  are not permitted to habitually bark, damage property or create a similar nuisance.  Popcorn Park Zoo may be contacted at 609 693-1900 in the event of violations to Chapter 44-16 of the Barnegat Township Code

Snow & Ice Removal from sidewalks must be done within twelve (12) hours of daylight after the snow or ice falls or forms. Failure to do so is a code violation subject to summons.

Tree Clearing Permits are required prior to cutting trees.