During Emergencies: 609-660-1169


If you or a loved one has special needs and might require assistance during an emergency such as an evacuation, major storm, or power outage, please fill out the special needs registration, and return it to the Police Department so that we can add your information to our Special Needs Citizen Response Plan. Please direct any questions to the Police Department


Be prepared BEFORE disaster strikes: HAVE A DISASTER PLAN. Planning information is available at: Emergency Planning,  www.fema.gov and www.co.ocean.nj.us.  Additional Emergency planning information is available at www.barnegatpolice.com

Personal Disaster Preparedness Guide which you can print out and complete

1.  Arrange NOW with a relative or friend out of this area to take messages from you in an emergency and to have worried relatives call ONLY that telephone number to inquire of your safety. Phone lines in the area might be damaged and, if not, they will be heavily utilized.

2.  Keep irreplaceable papers, such as birth & marriage certificates, deeds, car titles, FLOOD insurance and HOMEOWNER policies, etc., in one spot so they can be easily placed in plastic and ready for transport in the event an evacuation is ordered.

3.  Stock up on non-perishable essentials such as canned food and bottled water.  Include manual can opener and utensils.

4.  Have a battery operated radio and flashlights with supply of batteries. Keep an adequate supply of prescription drugs on hand.

5.  Keep tree limbs trimmed, especially if they hang over wires or your house. Remove any loose lying materials from your yard; i.e., chairs, tables, wood, propane tanks, trash cans, etc.

6. If you have a pet, purchase a pet carrier and arrange with a vet to have your pet housed in an emergency. Pets are not allowed in shelters.

7.  Make sure your vehicle is serviced with a full tank of gas..


A WATCH is issued when hurricane conditions are a real possibility and may threaten coastal or inland areas within 36 hours.

If a Hurricane WATCH is issued, stay tuned to one of the following radio stations:

WYRS FM   90.7 WJRZ FM   100.0 WOBM FM   92.7 WWZY FM   107.1
WOBM AM 1160 WJLK RM     94.3 WCHR FM    95.9
WIXM FM        97.3 WRAT FM     95.9 WAYV FM     95.1
WKXW FM    101.5 N.J. FM          97.3 WBHX FM     99.7


A WARNING is issued when a hurricane is expected to hit an area within 24 hours. Be prepared to leave if an evacuation order is issued even though the weather does not seem threatening at the time.


When a WARNING is announced:


2.  Clear your property of loose objects, bicycles, lawn ornaments / furniture, garbage cans, signs, propane tanks or anything else that could float or become a flying missile.

3.  Relocate pets.

4.  Secure your boat.

5.  Take down awnings and tape windows.

6.  Gather items to take to a shelter in case you have to evacuate such as: PRESCRIPTION MEDICINES, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, lawn chairs, cash/credit card/checkbook; expensive jewelry; change of clothing; family documents, photos, policies, stock certificates, etc., secured in a tight container. Any necessary toiletries, flashlight, infant needs and toys, books/magazines. PLAN ON BEING SELF-SUFFICIENT FOR THE FIRST SEVENTY-TWO HOURS.

7.  Notify your designated person outside of the affected area as to where you will be.

8.  Fill bathtub with water to use on your return home in case public water is contaminated.

9.  Call family members scattered throughout the area and arrange a mutual meeting spot following the “all-clear” from emergency management personnel.


DO SO WITHOUT HESITATION! The longer you wait to leave, the more likely you will avoid grid-lock.

You may be told to evacuate by radio, television or loud speakers from Township vehicles.

1.  Call your contact telling them that you are leaving and where you will be.

2.  Put non-perishable food/bottled water, toiletries / MEDICINES/ valuables, documents, sleeping bags, etc., first aid kit / flash light (batteries) / portable radio, change of clothing, toys, special needs and whatever else you will need for several days in the trunk of your car. Be sure the car has a full tank of gas as you may be caught in traffic for a long time.


4.  Call any neighbors who you know may need transportation and offer your help.

5.  Secure your home and LEAVE!

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS GIVEN BY THE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL, They have up-to-the minute information to help you evacuate to a safe area. Leave your home before the roads are clogged with traffic.


When a HURRICANE WATCH is issued, take pets to a kennel or vet for boarding until after the crisis has passed.

If you must leave your pets at home and you have a two-story house, pets can be left upstairs with plenty of water and food to last for several days. Pets manage better than humans do in emergency situations.

Another alternative is to take your pet with you when you are evacuated and leave it in the car while you are in the evacuation center.     NO PETS OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED IN THE EVACUATION CENTER. You will be able (weather permitting) to go out to your car to give food and water and walk the animal if necessary. Any animal let out of the car MUST BE ON A LEASH. Take License and Rabies tags. Also, take a lot of newspapers, paper towels and any medications. Carrying water in a sanitized non-breakable container is best.