Permit Packages
Homes located in a flood zone or in an HOA  please call the Building Department
Any residents with an easement will need to fill out an Easement Form.

Above Ground Tank Installation

Aboveground or Underground Tank Removal

Accessory Structure over 180 sq feet    Contact Zoning 609-698-0080 x159


Annual Commercial Backflow Preventers

Backflow Preventer Permit

BBQ Gas Line

Bulkheading Complete Application


Commercial Annual Pool Permit Package

Commercial Business Tenant fit or CCO 

Commercial Sign (slide in and out) 

 Commercial Sign with Building and Electric 



Electric Meter Set

Electric Service     JCP&L require a DR #  ACE does not require a DR #

Barnegat FEMA Permit Application for Houses in the Flood Zone 

Fence with POOL 

Fence with NO POOL

Finished Basement Permit Package 

Fireplace GAS


Gas Piping Permit 

Gazebo or Pergola

Generators  Please include equipment specs upon submittal

Hot Tubs and SPAS Please include equipment specs and electrical diagram 

Hot Water Heater Electric Permit Package   Please include equipment specs upon submittal  

Hot Water Heater Gas Permit Package       Please include equipment specs upon submittal

HVAC Permit Package

New Single Family Dwelling Fees (Other Than Building Permit Fees) 

New Single Family New Build 


Pole Barn

Pool Heater Please Include Gas Schematic drawing and pool heater specs

Pool Permit ResidentialPackage  Please include equipment spec upon submittal

Retaining Wall Permit Package 

Road Opening Curb Cut

Roof over patio deck or enclosure

Screened Porch or Screened Room

Solar Panels

Sheds up to 180sq ft

Sheds over 180 sq feet (detached garage)


Woodstove or Pellet Stove