Ordinance 2012-20
An Ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter 36 entitled “Brush, Weeds, Obnoxious Growth”

Ordinance 2013-4
An Ordinance establishing certain salaries of certain Officers and Employees and repealing any and all other Ordinances inconsistent herewith

Ordinance 2013-05
An ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter 46B of the Township Code entitled “Flood Damage Prevention” in order to provide for new Section 46B, entitled “Flood Damage Prevention”

Ordinance 2013-15 Flood Damage Prevention
Ordinance amending and supplementing Chapter 46B of the Township Code, entitled “Flood Damage Prevention” in order to provide for a new Section 46B, entitled “Flood Damage Prevention”

Ordinance 2014-02 An ordinance of the Township Committee of the Township of Barnegat, County of Ocean, State of New Jersey, Amending and Supplementing Chapter 74-38 of the Township code entitled “Water/Sewer Utility”.

Rules and Regulations Sanitary Sewer System

Ordinance 2014-03 An Ordinance of the Township Committee of the Township of Barnegat, County of Ocean, State of New Jersey, amending and Supplementing Chapter 74-38 of the Township code entitled “Water/Sewer Utility”.

Rules and Regulations for Water Supply System

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1.  General Provisions

Article I  Adoption of Code by Township Committee

Article II  Adoption of Code by Board of Health Article III Appeals to the Governing Body

1A.          Administrator

1B.          Americans with Disabilities Act

            Article I Compliance with Act

            Article II Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Board

2.       Attorney, Municipal

2A.     Auxiliary Police

3.       Engineer, Municipal

4.       Assessors, Board of

5.       (Reserved)

6.       Chief Financial Officer

7.      Claims and Payments

8.       Defined Contribution Retirement Program

9.      Court, Municipal

Cox Museum and Library Management Committee—See Ch. 14

9A.    Deputy Township Clerk

9B.    Economic Development Committee

9BB. Emergency Management Coordinator

Engineer, Municipal—See Ch. 3

9C.    Environmental Commission

10.     Ethics, Code of

10A. Handicapped Grievance Procedure

11.    Health, Board of

11A.  Holiday Celebrations Committee

11B.  Historian, Local

11C.  Historic Preservation Commission

11D.  Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP)

12.      Local Assistance Board

12A.    Parks and Recreation Department

12B.   Meadowedge Park Advisory Commission

12C. Officers and Employees

13.       Personnel Policy

             Article I General Provisions

             Article II Anti-Nepotism Policy

14.       CoxMuseum and Library Management Committee

15.       Police Department

           Article I  Establishment; General Regulations

           Article II  Reserved

           Article III  Police Clerk

15A. Principal AssessingClerk

16.       (Reserved)

17        (Reserved)

18.      Public Works Department

19.      Recreation Commission

20.      Recreation Disability Advisory Board

21.        (Reserved)

22.       Salaries

22A.     Senior Advisory Council

23.        Shade Tree Commission

24.        Tax Assessor,Assistant

24A.     Transportation Assistance Program Committee

24B.    Tort Claims Act Notice

25.        Veterans Commission

25A.    Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer, Deputy



26.        Alarm Systems

              Article I  Fire Alarm Systems

27.         (Reserved)

28.       Alcohoic Beverages

             Article I   Licensing

             Article II Consumption

29.       (Reserved)

30.       (Reserved)

31.       (Reserved)

32.       (Reserved)

33.        Bathing Beach

34.        (Reserved)

35.        (Reserved)

36.    Brush Weeds Obnoxious Growth

37.      (Reserved)

38.       Buildings, Unfit

            Article I Housing Standards

            Article II Repair or Demolition of Unfit Buildings

38A.   Cats

38B    Letters of Non-Interest for Resale of Unit

38C.    Charitable Solicitation on Roadways

39.       Construction Codes, Uniform

40.       Criminal History Background Checks

Article I – Required for Employees and Volunteers involved with Township-

                            Sponsored Programs involving minors

41.        Curfew

42.        Drug-Free School Zones

42A.     Drunk Driving Free School Zones

43.        Dock, Municipal

44.        Dogs

44A.     Fees, Miscellaneous

44B.     Fertilizer Application

45.       Fences

45A.    Firearms

46.       Fire Prevention

Article I   General Provisions

             Article II   Uniformity in Fire Safety Act

             Article III   Junior Firearm’s Auxiliary

46A.    Fire Lanes

46B.    Flood Damage Prevention

Article I    Statutory Authorization; Findings of Fact, Purpose and Objections

             Article II    Definitions

             Article III    General Provisions

             Article IV    Administration

             Article V     Provisions for Flood Hazard Reduction

47.       Fraudulent Checks

48.       Garbage Rubbish Refuse Chapter 48

Article I    General Provisions

              Article II    Definitions; Administration

              Article III    Residential Garbage Collection

              Article IV   Commercial Garbage Collection

              Article V    Penalties

Article VI   Dumpsters

48A.      Recycling

49.        Garage Sales

50.       Charitable Clothing Bins

51.      (Reserved

52.      Hawkers, Peddlers, Canvassers and Solicitors

            Article I   Canvassers and Solicitors

            Article II  Hawkers, Peddlers and Vendors

53.      Insurance

            Article I    Fire Damage Claims

54.      Junk and Junk Dealers

55.      Land Use – See Land Use Volume

55A.   (Reserved

55B.   (Reserved

55C.   Anti-Litter Ordinance

55D.  Loitering

56.      Mobile Home Parks

57.      Motor Vehicle Junk Dealers

58.      (Reserved)

59.      Nuisances

60.      Peace and Good Order

61.     (Reserved)

62.     Pollution

62A.  Property Damage by Minors

63.    Property Maintenance

63A.  (Reserved)

63B.  Rental Properties

64.     Rent Leveling

64A.  Smoking

            Article I  Restricted in Township Meeting Room

            Article II  Smoking and Use of Tobacco Products on
School Grounds Prohibited

65.     Snow and Ice Removal

65A. Soil Removal, Excavation and Mining

Article I     Title, Findings, Purpose

           Article II     Definitions

           Article III     Soil Removal Permit

           Article IV    Operations Standards

           Article V     Guarantees, Enforcement

66.     Streets and Sidewalks

            Article I         Reserved

            Article II        Street Closings for Recreation Purposes

            Article III       Street Closings

            Article IV       Regulations for Street Openings

67.    Taxes and Assessments

68.    Taxicabs

68A.  Tobacco Products, Sale of

68B.  Towing Businesses

69.      Trailers and Camp Cars

70.      Random Drug Testing Policy for First

                  Aid and Firefighting Volunteers

70A.    Pet Waste, Proper Disposal

70B.    Litter Control

70C.    Improper Disposal of Waste

70D.    Wildlife Feeding, Prohibition

70E.    Containerized Yard Waste

70F.    Yard Waste Collection Program

70G.    Illicit Connection

70H     Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting

71.       Vehicles and Traffic

              Article I    General Regulations

              Article II   Stopping and Standing; Entrances and Exit

              Article III  Alternate Side of the Street Parking Snow Emergencies

Article IV  Snow Emergencies

              Article V   Emergency No-Parking Signs

              Article VI   Bus Stops

              Article VII   Parking Restrictions

              Article VIII   Regulations In and Around Public School Areas

              Article IX     Turn Prohibitions

              Article X      Applicability of Subtitle 1 of Title 39 of the New Jersey Revised Statutes to  

                                Semi-Public Roads, Streets and Driveways

              Article XI     Operation of Certain Motor Vehicles
Article XII  Traffic Patterns for Railroad Avenue Between West Bay Avenue and Burr Street

71A. Vehicles, Parking Restrictions in Residential Areas

           Article I  Trucks, Trailers and Similar Vehicles and Equipment

           Article II  Parking on Certain Parts of Residential Property Prohibited

72.    VehiclesUnlicensedandLicensed

73.     Vending Machines

73A.  Water Conservation

74.     Water/Sewer Utility
Article I    Sewer Use Rules and Regulations
           Article II   Water/Sewer Utility
           Article III   Water Emergencies
           Article IV   Mandatory Water Hook-up
           Article V   Sewer Extension Agreement with Menk Corporation
           Article VI   Water Facilities Agreement with Menk Corporation
           Article VII  Meter Technician
           Article VIII  Record documents



75.   Food Establishments, Mobile

76.   Food Handling Establishments

77.    Laundries, Self-Service

78.    (Reserved

79.    Salaries and Compensation

79A. Sewage Disposal Systems, Individual

80.    Swine

81.    Swimming Pools

          Article I   Regulation of Public Pools

          Article II   Regulation of Private Pools

82.    Water Supplies


A85. Sewerage Authority Agreement

A86   Cable Television and Communications System

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