February 19, 2013, 6:30 PM


1. Call to Order


2. Provisions of the Open Public Meetings Law:

Pursuant to the requirements of the OPEN PUBLIC MEETINGS LAW, adequate Public Notice of this meeting has been given:

a. By publication in the required newspapers of the date, time and location of this meeting more than 48 hours in advance.

b. By posting advance written notice on the official Bulletin Board in the Municipal Building.

c. By filing advance written notice with the Township Clerk for the purpose of Public inspection.


ANNOUNCEMENT: At this time we ask everyone to please turn all cell phones or pagers to either OFF or VIBRATE.


3. Roll Call of Officials Present:

Committeewoman Taylor – Present

Committeeman Bille – Present

Committeeman Lisella – Present

Deputy Mayor Conway – Present

Mayor Morano – Present


Invocation by Pastor Christopher Ryan, Pastor of Safe Harbor


4. Salute to the flag


Resolution 2013-94 **Tabled

Resolution authorizing the Township Committee to retire into closed session for the purpose of discussing personnel, public safety, contractual and litigation matters.


Motion to table resolution: A. Bille Second: M. Lisella

Roll Call: Taylor: Yes Bille: Yes Lisella: Yes Conway: Yes Morano: Yes



5. Mayor’s Report

Read and made a part of these minutes


6. Committee Reports


M. Lisella – Agrees with Mayor Morano about excessive charges by TD Bank. Township Committee members attended the 50th anniversary of the Friends of the Library, glad to see a lot of residents in attendance. Al and I have attended the Municipal Excessive Liability seminar; we each save the Township $250.00 on the Municipal insurance premium.


E. Taylor – The Dock master’s Donation program has been established for your donations. The Township is responsible for the balance of the costs, after FEMA reimbursement, of rebuilding the dock. $50.00 a plaque will be installed with names, $125.00 memorial in brick, $500.00 plaque on bench, no matter donation amounts everyone will receive a certificate. These funds will be deposited into a dedicated recreation account. Senior Citizen Fair will be sometime in May aiding Senior’s in emergency situations. We have a meeting with Comcast in order to discuss televised meetings.


S. Conway – FEMA will be sponsoring an informational meeting at the Barnegat High School Saturday February 23rd. Meet to discuss one on one about how these programs can help with individual recovery efforts. Lower Shore Road complex, we are mindful that this area is pending due to efforts concentrated on the storm damages. Our engineers have taken an assessment on the turf, it has been determined that this was manufactured by Field Turf, an industry leader in turf products. Has an eight year product warranty, which is transferrable with ownership. The initial installation requires the sewing of the seams, which were cut and moved. These pieces should be reconnected properly. ARH, Township Engineer, will keep us informed on this progress. The two trees to be replaced downtown may seem trivial compared to the overall appearance of Barnegat, but it is just the beginning. I plan on working hard that the first impression of Barnegat is a lasting one. The municipal dock is a favorable place to host boat races in the bay.


A. Bille – I have written a letter to Comcast cable in reference to prior complaints about service reported. We must start now to properly prepare for the economic impact the closing of the nuclear plant in Lacey Township will have on our town. We have about eighty residents in Barnegat that work at the plant. Waretown will be applying for a NJ Environmental Infrastructure Fund financing package for water and sewer repairs in the Pebble Beach area, some of these provide service to Barnegat residents. This is a meaningful shared service impact.


7. Administrator’s Report

We have purchased a new product to prepare the roads in the event of snow and ice; it has proven to be a beneficial product when applied prior to weather events. Detailed explanation as to items on this agenda.


Motion to open Public Comment: A. Bille Second: M. Lisella

All are in favor


Matthew Robidoux – 108 Ravenwood Blvd.: I want to say that the Mayor is doing an excellent job. Public Works recommendations: put plows on trucks prior to snow storms, use an upgraded plow model, use brine on roads for ice treatment.

Admin responded that we have quick mount plows that can be attached in ten minutes, versus the old style.


Marianne Clemente – 565 E. Bay Avenue: Why did we not get a Nixle about tonight’s meeting? Put meeting announcement on Township sign. Why is Comcast the only game in town, why can’t we get Fios here? We need to go after them and make them. The primary concern of the closure of the plant needs to be done safely.

Admin responded – Any company that wants to can come to town, it is a non-exclusive contract.


Anthony DeTroia – 27 Lincoln Avenue: In reference to prior article with the recycling shared service with ACUA; Meadowbrook Industries are currently in Waretown, why can they not do Barnegat? Dealing with ACUA is thirty miles away.

Admin – since the last contract bid, it has become evident that we may need to outsource the pick up of recycling. ACUA is another government entity and we are allowed to negotiate with them. I have spoken with Joe Caldiera, and if needed we will go out to bid.

Susan Conway – am I clear that we do not have numbers form ACUA yet? That is correct.


Phil Checcia – 12 Windward Drive: In reference to cable; Bob Clifton, it was already approved a year ago to televise meetings along with the high school video internship. This is a violation of the contract if this was not ongoing. The wiring of the high school was to have been completed already.

Admin responds – they had twelve months to install equipment once they were approved, and we will discuss this at our meeting next week.


Ray Leszczak – 116 Redwood Drive: Have we reached a resolution to the cars stored near Rt 72. Admin – we have reached a resolution according to the suit brought against them by the Township. It is being very carefully monitored. What about the standing water on route 72? Admin – DOT and DEP we are waiting to hear back from them. Solar system for the Township, it should be looked into.


Frank Passenti – 41 Hannah Lee Road: The people from Aphrodite Drive and Hannah Lee Road would like to committee take another look into the plans for the Stone Hill development planned for this area. Attorney – this is a matter that was before the Planning Board, reports that were issued by the PB Engineer or Planner, and that matter has not come before this committee. A reconsideration of what has happened should be brought to the Planning Board. FP: Tanner’s Pit was considered contaminated by Birdsall Engineering; part of this development is included in this polluted ground.

Susan Conway – I would encourage you to come next Tuesday to the Planning Board and bring this up.


Marianne Clemente – 565 E. Bay Avenue: I was told the Open Space Committee members were re-instated. And I was told this development was approved by the Planning Board already. Susan Conway: we are talking about two different development areas.


John Germano – 46 Hannah Lee Road: as far as the summer activities at the dock? Is there an alternate area for events? L. Morano: concerts will be held at the Brackman middle school in the event of bad weather.


Motion to close Public Comment: E. Taylor Second: A. Bille

All are in favor


8. New Business:


Approval of minutes for February 4, 2013 Regular Meeting,

Motion to approve minutes: A. Bille Second: E. Taylor

Roll Call: Taylor: Yes Bille: Yes Lisella: Yes Conway: Yes Morano: Yes


9. Formal Action Agenda


Resolution 2013-95

Resolution authorizing payment of Bill List in the amount of $9,538,560.55


Motion to adopt resolution: M. Lisella Second: A. Bille

Roll Call: Taylor: Abstain Bille: Yes Lisella: Yes

Conway: Yes Morano: Yes


Resolution 2013-96

Resolution authorizing Emergency Temporary Appropriations for the Current Fund


Motion to adopt resolution: A. Bille Second: M. Lisella

Roll Call: Taylor: Yes Bille: Yes Lisella: Yes

Conway: Yes Morano: Yes


Resolution 2013-97

Resolution authorizing Emergency Temporary Appropriations for the Water/Sewer Fund


Motion to adopt resolution: A. Bille Second: M. Lisella

Roll Call: Taylor: Yes Bille: Yes Lisella: Yes

Conway: Yes Morano: Yes


Resolution 2013-98

Resolution authorizing appropriation transfer for the Current Fund



Motion to adopt resolution: M. Lisella Second: E. Taylor

Roll Call: Taylor: Yes Bille: Yes Lisella: Yes

Conway: Yes Morano: Yes


10. Consent Agenda:


The below listed items are considered to be routine by the Township of Barnegat and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no formal discussion of these items. If discussion is desired, this item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and will be considered separately.


Approval of Everett Gallagher as a Volunteer Fire Fighter for the Pinewood Estates Volunteer Fire Department


Approval of James M. Hammer as Volunteer Fire Fighters for the Barnegat Volunteer Fire Department


Approval of Memorial Day Ceremonies at the Veterans Gazebo park on Monday, May 27th, 2013 and Veterans Day Ceremonies on Monday, November 11th, 2013

(Coordinate times with VFW functions)


Approval of Pearl Harbor Day Ceremony at the Municipal Dock on Saturday, December 7th, 2013


Resolution 2013-99

Resolution authorizing a refund of premium paid at Tax Sale on Block 196.02, Lot 20, also known as 140 Beverly Drive


Resolution 2013-99A

Resolution authorizing a refund of premium paid at Tax Sale on Block 202, Lot 12, also known as 451 East Bay Avenue


Resolution 2013-100

Resolution authorizing the Tax Collector to refund payment of Real Estate Taxes erroneously paid on Block 114.48, Lot 13, also known as 4 Liberty Court


Resolution 2013-101

Resolution cancelling taxes and authorizing a refund pursuant to N.J.S.A. 54:4-3.32 on Block 92.80, Lot 2, also known as 79 Nautilus Drive


Resolution 2013-101A

Resolution authorizing a refund of premium paid at Tax Sale on Block 258, Lot 72, also known as 290 South Main Street




Resolution 2013-102

Resolution authorizing the Tax Collector to refund Real Estate Taxes erroneously paid on Block 114.70, Lot 10, also known as 17 Tedesco Way


Resolution 2013-103

Resolution authorizing the Tax Collector to cancel certain balances of $10.00 over/under

Resolution 2013-104

Resolution authorizing Township Administrator to execute a contract with Impact Technology Solutions, LLC for the Barnegat Township Municipal Court in the amount of $1,140.00 for maintenance on the Courtroom Video Equipment


Resolution 2013-105 ***Not Used***


Resolution 2013-106

Resolution approving the Application for Constructability Review for Site Improvements for Ocean Acres, Phase 3A


Resolution 2013-107

Resolution approving and authorizing execution of Third Addendum Agreement by and between the Township of Barnegat and Mark Madison, LLC.



Motion to Adopt Consent Agenda: E. Taylor Second: S. Conway

Roll Call: Taylor: Yes Bille: Yes Lisella: Yes,

Conway: Yes Morano: Yes abstain 2013-106 & 107



11. Motion to Adjourn: A. Bille Second: E. Taylor

All are in favor







I hereby certify that the foregoing

minutes were formally approved by

The Barnegat Township Committee:




Municipal Clerk