Mayor’s Comments

Mayor’s Report April 15, 2013


 Township Committee Meeting

Monday, April 15, 2013

Remarks by: Mayor Len Morano



1. Motor Vehicle Accident


On Monday, April 8, 2013, there was a serious motor vehicle accident at the intersection of West Bay Avenue and Barnegat Boulevard. Both myself and Township Administrator Breeden were on the scene to witness first hand how well Township personnel responded to the incident.


This multiple vehicle accident had numerous injuries, two of which were required to be airlifted to area medical facilities. Of greatest concern was the vehicle that had a four year old child in the rear seat. It was heart breaking to see those child seats compressed against the back of the front seats, but it was comforting to know that Barnegat’s first responders were on the scene helping those in need.


As Mayor of Barnegat, I was extremely proud with the professional manner in which this incident was handled. Whether it was Barnegat Volunteer Fire Department, Barnegat Police or Quality Medical, all responding agencies effectively managed the incident and provided quality and compassionate care to victims of the accident.


We are fortunate in Barnegat to have public safety agencies, whether paid or volunteer, who are dedicated to their duty and committed to the well being of the Township. I wish to publicly thank all the responding agencies to the incident and have nothing but praise and high regards in the way they handle this difficult situation.


Also, I would be remissed if I did not mention the two (2) off duty police officers, one from Barnegat and another from Stafford, who just happen to be at the scene of the accident while off duty and at the all important intial response that was essential in providing critical care for the child.


2. Pinewood Estates Mobile Home Park

Township Administrator Dave Breeden and I attended an association meeting at Pinewood Estates Mobile Home Park on Wednesday, April 10, 2013. At the meeting, residents of the park expressed some of their concerns ranging from issues regarding state route 72 to septic field issues in the park. As done previously, a list of items will be prepared and furnished to the Township professionals where a determination will be made on what issues the Township can provide assistance. Since Pinewood Estates is private property, the Township is limited in their ability to render assistance. However, the Township has a proven track record of success when it comes to resolving safety related concerns at the Pinewood Estates Mobile Home Park.


Mayors Report March 4, 2013

Mayor’s Report Township Committee Meeting March 4, 2013


I would like to say that I, Mr. Lisella and Mr. Bille attended the Black History Month Celebration at Mirage last Saturday. It was a very good time; a lot of people, about 300, were there, with a lot of great food and dancing. I want to thank them for inviting us each year, this is about the fifth year they have put this affair on. It is a great thing that people should get involved in what’s going on in their community.


I would like to advise you that we are working on the dock repairs. The Administrator will give a report tonight as to what is going on with the repairs; we need to have it done by May. The bands are booked and we are ready to go for another great year. We are starting Memorial Day weekend this year with concerts to be held on Saturday and Sunday nights.



Mayor’s Report February 4, 2013


Mayor’s Report
February 4, 2013

Things are moving forward in the Town. Even though we did not have that much snow and ice, but you didn’t realize the roads were pretty bad out there. The crews put down our new blend of rock salt and ice-melter, no more sand all over the roadways. Your safety is our first thought.

Our engineer has been out to report on the repairs to our Municipal Dock. We want to have the beach and the dock ready to go for the summer season.

Len Morano,




Mayors Report October 1, 2012


 I am happy to announce that Barnegat’s first ever Aerial truck, six police four wheel drive patrol units, two Public Works vehicles with plows and one EMS emergency command unit are now in service. The vehicles are on inspection right outside the front doors to Town Hall. Representatives from EMS, Fire, Police and Public works are here this evening.
 We will start off with a report from our volunteer Emergency Medical Services President, Mr. James Goldstein.
 This past Friday night, Deputy Mayor Al Bille and I had the pleasure of attending an EMS meeting which culminated a series of discussions with Mr. Goldstein on the increasing demands placed upon EMS. Before I turn it over to him, I would just like to thank them for the outstanding job that not only they do, but, our Fire, Police, Public Works, Water and Sewer and all our employees do.
 This past Saturday, September 29 the 4th Annual “NJ Run for the Fallen” came through Barnegat. A team of Active Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard runners embarked on a 172 plus mile run to honor every New Jersey service member killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom and New Dawn. The run started on Friday, September 28 at the Cape May Lighthouse and finished yesterday at the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Holmdel, N.J. Each mile of the Run is dedicated to a NJ Hero and the Run Team stopped at every Hero Marker with an American Flag and a personal biographical card in honor of each fallen service member. A couple of days before the event the Hero Marker locations were painted at the designated locations. There were three designated locations. There were three (3) stops made on Route 9 in Barnegat. I want to thank EMS Volunteers, Susan McDermott and John McClory for making me aware of the event. The Township Committee salutes our military personnel and will make sure that it will be well publicized next year.
The Township has included seven (7) streets in Settlers Landing in the NJDOT grant application for 2013. The streets are Anchor Drive, Bilge Avenue, Spar Court, Commodore Court, Tiller Drive, Pacific Avenue and Buoy Court.
 The Township Committee is keeping a close eye on what happens with the 110 acre tract of land known as Shoreline Gravel on West Bay Avenue. To date, we have no information as to whether the Federal Auction was successful and who, if anybody, secured the property. We will keep the public informed.
I want to tank Gary Brown and Station 11 for the great job they did with the Wine, Beer and Food Tasting Fund Raiser. It was an enjoyable day and I look forward to next years.
                                                                                    Alfonso Cirulli, Mayor
                                                                                   Township of Barnegat


Mayors Report September 18, 2012



Mayor’s Report – September 18, 2012


On August 31, 2012 at approximately 10:35 pm, Ptl. Nicholas Venuto, Ptl. Andrew Parsley and Ptl. George Martin pulled an accident victim from a burning vehicle, saving his life.  We will be honoring our brave officers at our next meeting on October 1, 2012.  The police department requested this delay so that the accident victim, Mr. Pereira, could be present.  Job well done.

Over the past few months there has been concern regarding off-site and possible ground water contamination at Tanner’s Pit.  In 2004, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection had issued numerous violations regarding the use of Tanner’s Pit.  The Committee and I have made inquiries into this situation with Township Engineer, John Hess and information given to me by concerned residents.  Please allow me to quote the findings of our Engineer.

“The violation notices concern the operation of an unlicensed Class ‘B’ recycling operation at the site.  There is no indication in any of the violation notices of any surface water or groundwater contamination.  Please note that these violations were documented in the report prepared by our office on declaring the Gunning River Road area to be in need of redevelopment.  Also, in Section 2.8 Environmental Assessment of our report, it notes that we conducted a preliminary due diligence effort to determine the potential liabilities which may be present within, as well as proximate to, the Study Area.  Our review of the New Jersey Department of environmental Protection (NJDEP) database revealed that neither the study area nor properties in its immediate vicinity are identified as a Known Contaminated Site.  We also noted that the Tanners Pit property is identified as a NJDEP New Jersey Environmental Management System (NJEMS) site.  NJEMS sites are properties either regulated by the NJDEP under one or more regulatory permitting or enforcement programs, or sites that are otherwise of interest to the NJDEP.  Based on the prior violation notices, it certainly is an area of interest to the NJDEP.

When the Stone Hill @ Barnegat project was before the Planning Board, many of the residents of the Oak Hill Homes and Holly Oaks development were represented by an attorney.  He did not present any expert testimony regarding off-site contamination affecting the site.  As a result, the Planning Board based their decision on the information that was available to them.  As I indicated, we have absolutely no information to substantiate a claim of surface water or groundwater contamination resulting from Tanners Pit.  As a result, it remains my recommendation that the Township send a letter to the Commissioner of the NJDEP stating the concerns that have been raised by the residents of the area and asking that the NJDEP conduct an investigation to address the following issues:

  1. Are there any oil tanks, toxic waste or water quality violations at the site which could impact the health, safety and welfare of the adjoining residents?
  2. Is the Stone Hill @ Barnegat site the home of juvenile bald eagles or other threatened and/or endangered species and would the presence in the area be sufficient to prohibit construction of this development?”

After reviewing all of the documentation at hand and conferring with Engineering and Legal council, the Committee recognizes that the site should be investigated.  Unfortunately, Barnegat Township has NO legal authority to stop the Stone Hill Development.  However, the Township has notified NJDEP about the situation and will continue to pursue it, until NJDEP does its investigation and releases its findings.


Work on the World Trade Center Memorial has been hampered by weather, but is continuing.  Most of the labor and material has been donated by private individuals.  As soon as it is completed, there will be a Memorial Ceremony that will take place probably on a Saturday and be open to the public.  All contributors will be recognized and honored at the first meeting after the dedication.


Barnegat Township was very pleased to accept a check in the amount of $17,873.18 from the Ocean County Recycling Revenue Sharing Program.  Market conditions have enabled the County to return $13.57 for each ton of material delivered from our Municipality to the County facility.  I would like to thank all township residents who are diligent with their recycling.






Thank You


Al Cirulli

Mayor, Township of Barnegat

Tuesday September 18, 2012



Mayors report 8/20/2012





Daughters of the American Revolution-Proclamation that September 17th thru the
23rd, 2012 is Constitution week. This is the 225 Anniversary of its signing.

The Township Committee is exploring the possibility of entering into an energy
aggregation partnership with the Colonial Power Group. It is my recommendation to
the Committee that if we enter into a agreement with Colonial, that it only applies to
the township utility bills only. Residents should have the option of opting into the
program if they so desire. Government should not dictate who you should buy your
power from.
In October of 2011, Mr. Charles Giles and I secured approximately a 6 ½ ton piece of
a lower level support column of a steel beam reinforce with concrete. This steel
column survived the first World Trade Center attack and ultimately was reinforced
with concrete and a steel sleeve. On October 4th, a Township dump truck and trailer
escorted by a marked Barnegat Police patrol unit and the 911 truck went to the hanger
at Kennedy Airport to secure the steel. I received the authentification paperwork; the
steel was loaded by the Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey. It was
draped by an American Flag, secured and brought back to Barnegat, where the flag
was received by Mayor Melchiondo and the whole Township Committee. The flag
and documentation is on display in Town Hall. Pinelands Regional High School was
originally scheduled to receive a three hundred pound piece of World Trade Center
steel. In order to obtain a piece of steel for Barnegat Township, Pinelands agreed to
forgo their piece which was replaced by the 6 ½ ton piece. The piece was cut, with
Pinelands receiving a quarter of the bean and the Township approximately three
quarters of the beam. The steel was given to the Township and Pinelands at No cost.
The driver and owner of the 9/11 truck receive no compensation. The projected
completion of the memorial is scheduled for September 11, 2012. I would like to add
that all the engineering and most of the work and material are being donated.
Alfonso Cirulli, Mayor
Township of Barnegat

Mayor’s Report July 2, 2012

Mayor’s report for July 2,2012.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Public Works Department, Fire, EMS, Police Department and Townhip Administrator Dave Breeden for the excellent job they all did during the severe storms we recently encountered. Township personnel responded to approximately 30 calls over a period of two hours of severe thunderstorm activity.They responded to 6 lighteninig strikes , 8 downed tress in which 2 landed on unoccupied cars,5 blocked roadway calls, 5 fire alarm activations, 2 fire calls, 2 light poles downed, 1 EMS call, flooding and 3 trees on power lines.

This past week medical waste washed up along our coastline. Our Freeholders have stated that this debri didn’t come from Ocean County. The wash-up originated from combined sewage-stormwater overflows from antiquated sewer/stormwater systems throughout northern New Jersey communities and New York. The Ocean County Utilities Authority emphasizes that our system is self contained and handles only sewage. Floatables are removed at the County’s three treatment plants.

Legislators from Middlesex and Essex Counties want all Ocean County residents to pay hundreds of millions in new property taxes to create a stormwater authority and tax our residents for stormwater impacts. All Ocean County legislators voted NO, yet the bill was passed by a single vote in the House and Senate. Governor Christie interceded on behave of Ocean County residents and vetoed the bills.

The Township had submitted Resolution No. 2012-325 to NJDOT requesting the installation of a traffic control signal at Route NJ 72 and Warren Grove-Waretown Road (CR 532). NJDOT’S Bureau of Traffic Engineering will initiate the investagation process upon written conformation that the Township will commit to pay 25% of all costs associated with electrical construction projects. The Township will make the commitement due to the dangerous nature of that intersection. Township cost estimate is in the range of $25,000 to $35,000.

The Township applied for and is receiving a Community Development Block Grant in the amount of $32,500 from the County of Ocean. The township was also notified that we will be shortly receiving a check for approximately $83,000 from FEMA for the forest fire which occurred in May of 2007.

Mr. Scott MacFadden of Birdsall Engineering and representatives of Colonial Power Group will be making a presentation tonight on a collective buying program for the purchase of electricity which can save the Township of Barnegat up to $50,000 a month.



Alfonso Cirulli


Barnegat Township


Mayor’s Report – June 4, 2012




Work on Blue Claw Drive started last week with anticipated completion of the work occurring by the end of the week, weather, permitting. Included with this work was repairing of driveways and sidewalks along with the final paving of the entire street. Cost of this work is approximately $75,000 and will be funded by proceeds from the developer’s performance bond. Please keep in mind that while the actual cost of the construction work is covered by the bond, engineering, legal and other cost are not eligible for reimbursement by the bonding company.

With the downturn in the economy, the Township had to address several developments in which site improvement work was not being completed in a timely fashion. The Township firmly believes that developers are responsible to fulfill their obligations to the community and has aggressively pursued those developers who failed to complete their site improvement work. Over the past several years, the Township has spent well in excess of $100,000 in professional fees required to force developers to perform site improvement work. From a Township perspective, there is NO option but to take legal recourse necessary in order to compel these developers to meet their obligations.

In many communities, developments are left in various stages of completion as a result of developers unable to satisfy their site improvement obligations due to adverse economic conditions. That has not and will not occur in Barnegat. Regardless of where one resides, the Township will be relentless in protecting the interest of the Township along with making sure all residents receive promised site improvements from developers.


I want to personally thank the American Legion, VFW and the Knights of Columbus for all they do regarding the recognition of our Service Men and Women throughout the year and especially during Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. The ceremony on Sunday and the parade on Monday were well done as usual. Next year the Legion is planning to start the parade at 10:00 AM which I am sure will increase attendance and the temperature should be a lot cooler at starting time. We all should make a point of making sure that the words gets around and that our children never forget the meaning of Memorial Day.


On a sad note, I would ask for prayers for the recovery of Melissa Divoli a 27 year old fourth grade teacher at the Donahue School. The outstanding work of our EMS and Police Department resuscitated her over the Memorial Day Weekend from an apparent condition she had no knowledge of. She is not doing well.


Next Saturday at 9:00 AM we will have the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Lower Shore Softball Field. The girls, young adults and senior leagues will all be there to officially kick off the use of the field.


Mayor’s Report May 21, 2012

Mayors report for May 21st 2012

On Friday May 11th Kyle MeGettrick was laid to rest with full firefighters honor. I want to thank all those who participated and supported the family through Kyle’s ordeal. Once again the people of Barnegat have demonstrated what a really great town that we live in. It’s all about the people and the compassion that they have for each other.

The latest issue of the Sandpaper ran an article,”Walters Lawsuit Prompts Barnegat to rezone Area”, which is full of misstatements. In 2004, Barnegat Township adopted an an ordinance that divided the Ocean Acres section into two zones. One was a residential zone (RCV), where building is prohibited and a residential highland (RHZ), were development is allowed only on lots that exceed 10,000 square feet. This conservation zone decreased the number of build-able lots from 2,000 to 1,250. The zone change was to protect the northern pine snake and other endangered species. Walters objected and entered into an agreement with the Township and the Pineland’s Commission to allow an additional impact study of a 135 lot portion of the conservation zone. The Township received $200,000 from Walters at this time. The Pineland’s Commission ruled in October of 2009 that the 135 lots covering 38 acres did not constitute a threat to wildlife. The Township Committee questioned the validity of the study because it revealed that chemicals were discovered at the snake traps which would keep the snakes away. The Township then voted to reject the rezoning. The Walters Group immediately instituted a lawsuit. Two years later the judge has indicated that we should mediate with Walters due to the fact that the old zoning could be ordered which would allow 165 homes to be built on smaller lots. Obviously the building of 30 more homes is not acceptable. We have since negotiated a series of agreements that will greatly benefit the residents of the Township and meet our legal obligation to the Walters Group.


The Executive Director of the Pineland’s Preservation Alliance, Mr Carlton Montgomery, commented that the Township “caved to the developers”. The job of the Pineland’s Alliance is to prevent any new development, period. The job of the Barnegat Township Committee is to act in the best interest of our residents. Given the fact that that they have no knowledge as to what is being negotiated and what the judge is directing, they should not be commenting at all.

Two other comments were made which are totally off base, especially in this case. Legally you can not unilaterally impose a building moratorium. Secondly, giving back the $200,000 will not stop the building. We would have to buy the 38 acres from the Walters Group and the bidding would probably start at $3,000,000 to $5,000,000, if they would even consider selling.

Alfonso Cirulli


Barnegat Township


Tax and Utility Payments

Vial of Life Project

We proudly offer Vial of Life decals to our community for free. We feel that the Vial of Life Project is a most important program for protecting seniors and others in need.

We would like to thank American Senior Safety Medical Alarm Systems for donating these kits to our organization.

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